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Yellow Dresss Malfunction

Amazing funny GIF

Yellow dresss malfunction

Yellow Dresss Malfunction

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  1. I’d call that a feature not a malfunction.

  2. frombriggstoyou

    She is a cutie pie… At least she got a sense of humour….. And a huge rack

  3. Seriously good boobs

  4. catshatratpack

    They’re lovely.

  5. Fits perfectly!

  6. SiXandSeven8ths

    Great tits.

  7. im_ashamed_of_me_2

    In college a lot of my friends perfected the swing dancing “dip” and use their leg to lock the bottom of a dress so boobies would pop out This reminded me of those days

  8. DerpyPenguin42


  9. Now that’s a titty!

  10. R/happyembarrassedgirls don’t know how to make it a link sorry.

  11. I feel like the designer had that exact thing in mind.

    Edit: who is this?

  12. Blessed malfunction

  13. [Must have more](

  14. Awesome boobs.

  15. AnonNSFWThrowAway

    [Mobile Fix](

  16. [deleted]

  17. Name?

  18. Does anyone know where I could buy this dress for my girlfriend? we would both enjoy this

  19. InteriorEmotion

    I’m guessing this dress is meant to be used with double sided tape.

  20. Kevin_Is_Sad_Now

    That dress is clearly blue

  21. So hot!

  22. But, did you buy the dress?

  23. I’m in love

  24. Looks like this is gonna be reposted the front page for awhile…and I’m not complaining.

  25. PostModernPost

    Didn’t she read the sign on the door? Jeesh.

  26. Eject-o teat-o

  27. “Nip slip”

    Her breasts proceed to burst out.

  28. “Malfunction”…

  29. shroudedwolf51

    The way the cutout is on the front, it makes me feel like she put the dress on incorrectly.

  30. Hey, I saw this girl near Schlesi in Berlin. Pretty sure it was her because the boobs impressed me. Didn’t know she was some kind of Instagram celebrity.

  31. At least she knows shes got it

  32. lollipopamateurs

    Something tells me that she knew that was going to happen

  33. …malfunction…

  34. damn girl

  35. SomewhatThoughtOut

    She’s amazing.

  36. Forget the dress, I want to see her in that pink thing.

  37. Pretty function.

  38. MrCantBeBothered

    That kind of malfunction.. so hot. That and when girls squat and forgot they wore skirts. Mmm

  39. Them Tittyz had 2 cum out !!!


    Fun times

  41. The perfect uniform doesn’t ex….

  42. Malfunction? Seems to be working perfectly fine in my opinion…

  43. Either these kinds of dresses were not designed with big tits in mind, or they were designed exactly with big tits in mind.

  44. SkinnedThunder

    wanna fuck em tits..damn

  45. /r/BiggerThanYouThought

  46. Why do I remember seeing this on r/all yesterday but it was a blue dress? Edit: I mean it’s a good dress I’m just wondering if I’m either colorblind or I saw a reddit post from another universe where she was in a blue dress.

  47. Hahaha fap fap fap hahahaha

  48. topicalanesthetic

    I’ve fapped to worse

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