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I Swear I’m Wearing a Thong! [oc]

Perfect girl image:

I swear I’m wearing a thong! [OC]

I Swear I’m Wearing a Thong! [oc]

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  2. Perfect round ass

  3. Well_IAmA_Degenerate

    Your booty must be so hungry to eat your thong. Needs something else to feed it? ?

  4. *ENHANCE*

    Oh yes, I see it now

  5. Perfection ??

  6. So perfect and sexy

  7. browsingaround_1

    Oh damn yesss ???

  8. Very nice

  9. I volunteer to help you find it baby, I’ll use my very skilled tongue, it can’t see but it’s very good with braille, and is almost telepathic, its getting messages from that pussy and ass..they need it!

  10. That thong can’t even contain your lady bits…

  11. Sterling_Johnson

    I’ll need to inspect and verify.

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