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I Call This the La-z-girl Chair. (link with Audio in Comment

Perfect milf video

I call this the La-Z-Girl chair. (link with audio in comment

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  1. therealtobywong

    [Audio version ](

  2. Audio makes it so much better

  3. I can’t decide if your moans are hot or hearing how wet you are as you ride that toy is hotter.

  4. No shit that’s just straight up awesome!!!

  5. Omg. I wish that was me instead of a chair…

  6. Never before have so many men literally wanted to be a piece of furniture.

  7. There needs to be a from under the chair view

  8. Fuck, the wet slap of your pussy on the dildo is so hot

  9. plain_old_shoe

    Now do the same anally 😉

  10. Beautiful 😉

  11. I love that clip

  12. is there any chance for a working audio link?

  13. That’s looks very uncomfortable, try my lap instead

  14. What I would give to fuck that tight bod. And then fill her good.

  15. r/curvynsfw

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