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Her Dancing Gets Worse and Worse

Amazing funny video clip

Her dancing gets worse and worse

Her Dancing Gets Worse and Worse

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  1. No false advertising here; was not disappointed

  2. iloveallthebacon

    Drugs. Not even once.

  3. Dance like nobody is watching and hope the guy you sent the vid to doesn’t upload it to the internet.

  4. Is she doing the evolution of dance backwards?

  5. I’m really glad that they moved “So you think you can dance” to HBO.

  6. It makes me so genuinely happy to know there are people out in the world just doing their thing and it’s weird and wonderful and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this video.

  7. ReallySickOfArguing

    Superstar! *Sniffs pits*

  8. She reminds me of The Waitress from its always sunny.

  9. AndrewPatrickDent

    Bath salts. Not even once.

  10. Must be from r/anormaldayinrussia

  11. I was skipping ahead. One second she’s spasming, the next she’s against the wall.

  12. 45 seconds in, when you take too much lsd and the wall becomes velcro.

  13. Catsnamedwaffles

    Ah yes the old dance like a swan mating ritual

  14. It looked like she was trying to do the dance from “fade” and then it just got extra weird

  15. If this is a mating ritual, I want her number.

  16. SleepingInTheBushes

    Is this Sias new music video?

  17. PM_me_froot_loops

    Reminds me of Martin sheen at the beginning of apocalypse now

  18. [deleted]

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